Our sangha at the Sangha Special with the Monastics

Dear friends,

We are happy to inform you that we restarted the sangha in Rotterdam! We are currently a group of around 15 people (age 18-39ish) that come together every two weeks. Usually on a Monday night, from 19-21h.

The night consists of one or two meditations, dharma sharing (sharing circle), a cup of tea and sometimes a few songs. It is a moment to practice and relax, but also to connect and enjoy being together.

Mostly we gather at a place in Rotterdam Zuid but sometimes when the weather is nice, we sit in the park.

Are you interested? You are always welcome to join sometime and see if you like it.

Please send us an email at

You can also follow our Wake Up Rotterdam Facebook page.

See you there! 🙏🪷

Last April, when monastics from Plum Village came to visit our sangha.